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August 25, 2012
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PT: The Little Mermaid by Kiyomi-chan16 PT: The Little Mermaid by Kiyomi-chan16
Ahiru as Ariel
Fakir as Prince Eric
Autor as Sebastian
Uzura as Flounder
Femio as Scuttle
Drosselmeyer as Ursula
Raven and Kraehe as Jetsam and Flotsam
Kraehe (Rue) as Vanessa
Charon as King Triton
Pique, Lilie, Freya (episode 16), Malen (episode 9), and Hermia (episode 19) as Ariel’s sisters
Mytho as Max (a man’s best friend with puppy eyes, eh? :D)
Mr. Cat as Grimsby (always talks about the marriage, of course.)
Ebine as Chef Louis (she is very creepy chef O.o but love her! Lol)
Edel as Carlotta the maid

Yay! :D Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989)! (for :iconkagomemckay: ) I really love this movie! :heart: I always get jealous of Ariel because I want to be a mermaid! I used to have dreams of being a mermaid when I was a little girl. Well, reality sucks…fantasy rules. Hahaha! ;D I also like Andersen’s The Little Mermaid story…so beautiful but sad! TT-TT That’s why I like Disney one better because of a happy ending (Yes…I’m a sucker for happy endings LOL). In 2008, I went to New York City for summer vacation. I saw The Little Mermaid a Broadway Musical…and I loved it! XD So awesome! I really love all of the songs especially "She's in Love" (Cute song! Love those mersisters) and “Positoovity” (I just adored Scuttle and his friends…so cute and funny!).

I had those songs “Under the Sea”, “Part of Your World”, “Poor Unfortunute Souls “, and “Kiss the Girl” stuck in my head in few weeks while I was working on it! XD
And I kept reading :iconshirekat:’s “Kiss the Girl fanfic”: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=ahiru+ariel#/d29gcst :D
I agreed with you all PT fans that Princess Tutu is very similar to The Little Mermaid. ^^

King Charon have 6 daughters: Hermia, Freya, Malen, Pique, Lilie, and Ahiru. I know, I know King Triton have SEVEN daughters. I wanted Rue to be one of the mersisters but she was already taken on role of Vanessa…And Raestel? Hmm...well… to me, she’s more like a mother than a sister. ^^; King Charon (perfect for being overprotective father, eh? :D) and his advisor, Autor the musically talented blue crab, warns Ahiru that contract between merfolk and humans is forbidden but she ignores them. She and Uzura, her best fish friend, goes to the ocean’s surface to see Femio the seagull who gives his “nonsense” knowledge of human stuff (he uses a dinglehopper for his “feather”do LOL) .

Ahriu, Uzura, and Autor see the ship on the surface of the ocean. Ignoring Autor’s protests, Ahiru takes a closer look at the ship and sees the sailors celebrating and dancing around. She catches the sight of Fakir (in bad mood) sitting alone and becomes curious (and scared at the same time) about him. Then she meets the dog named Mytho who immediately likes her. As Mytho turns around and reaches to Fakir, Ahiru tries to warn the dog not to get close to him because of his bad mood. But she is taken aback by Fakir’s rare gentle smile when he sees his best friend. She falls in love and wants to make him smile more. Interrupted by an enormous storm, the ship is destroyed and Ahiru saves Fakir from drowning. After Ahiru drags Fakir to the shore, she becomes worried about Fakir’s health (with Femio’s help). As Fakir tries to regain his consciousness, he hears Ahiru’s panicky voice (which he thinks it is annoying ;P). Ahiru feels relieved to see Fakir breathing and begins to sing to him. When Fakir slowly wakes up and sees her face, Ahiru hears Mytho and Mr. Cat approaching and quickly jumps back to sea. After she watches Mr.Cat carries Fakir away, she vows to find a way to be with him and his world.

After she turns herself into a human (by Drosselmeyer the evil sea warlock) and swims to the shore with the help of Autor and Uzura. Femio also helps Ahiru to dress up in a sail sheet. (Scuttle is a true creator of high fashion. LOL) When Fakir and Mytho see her, Fakir recognize her as a girl who saved him but he realized that she cannot speak. He takes Ahiru back to his palace to get her cleaned up (difficulty walking b/c of Ahiru’s clumsiness. ;P). At dinnertime, Fakir thinks Ahiru is very weird girl because she uses a fork to comb her hair. When Ahiru sees Mr. Cat’s smoke pipe and blows ashes into his face (thinking it’s a musical instrument Snarfblat), Fakir chuckles to maid Edel’s delight, who says that it is the first time that she had seen him laugh and smile since his parents’ death. After dinner, Fakir notices Ahiru’s sadness (of being unable to speak). Then he takes her to a ball room and teaches her how to dance (another way to communicate). Seeing Ahiru having fun, Fakir starts to have feelings for her. I really love “One Step Closer” scene of the musical! So cute! :heart: *At the end of the story when King Charon transforms Ahiru back into a human, Ahiru shows Fakir the mime that says “I love you” (Who taught her that pose, you ask? Edel taught her behind Fakir’s back. ;D)

Ursula is my most favorite Disney villain! XD LOVE her and her song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”! I think Drosselmeyer is perfect for the role of Ursula. He have his black eels minions named Raven and Kraehe. Like Ursula uses her nautilus shell, Drosselmeyer uses the red pendant to take Ahiru’s voice. When Ahiru comes “too close” to get her kiss from Fakir, a furious warlock decides to break a deal and sends one of his minions, Kraehe (who takes the form of a beautiful woman named “Rue”), to stop Ahiru. “Rue” wears Drosselmeyer’s red pendant to disguise her voice as Ahiru’s (I know it’s weird LOL :D). When Mr. Cat introduces Rue to Fakir and says that she claims to be a girl who saved Fakir, Fakir hears Ahiru’s voice from her but becomes confused. Suddenly, he remembers that Ahiru is the one who saves him (Had a short flashback when he saw Ahiru carried him and then he passed out before Ahiru pulled him to the shore). As Fakir starts to run to find Ahiru, Rue blocks his way and uses Drossemelyer’s magic to brainwash him. Next day, Ahiru becomes devastated hearing the news about Fakir marrying a mysterious maiden. Femio approaches and warns Ahiru that maiden is Kraehe, Drosselmeyer’s minion. …AND we all know what will happen next: animals sabotage the wedding and attack Kraehe, Ahiru gets her voice back, Drosselmeyer kidnaps Ahiru, King Charon takes Ahiru’s place as prisoner, Ahiru and Fakir defeat Drosselmeyer and his minions, Ahiru and Fakir reunited with their first kiss, and their happily ever after. :heart:

I'm sorry that the scenes I drew got little messed up…but I really hope you like it! I don't own characters from Princess Tutu anime....I wish I do. -3- lol

I bought new black pens...and I like them better than old ones! Much better! XD lol

I really hope you all like it! :heart:

I won't submit any drawing for a while...I will be very busy in college. ^^

The Little Mermaid (c) Disney
Princess Tutu characters (c) Ikuko Itoh
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Thank you ^^
TohruSempai Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
So awesome,you have a talent for making Drosselmeyer really creepyI(or uh creepier than he already was).
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